Girls, Girls, Girls

We don’t need a day to show or explain how powerful we are, how much of a women we are, how much more we are, How f*cking great we are.

But —
I would like to take this time to empower women around the world, women close to me, and girls becoming women.

It all starts with you. Not society. No man, no women below or higher than. You dictate your life. You’re for you and guess what? You’re doing amazing sweetie.


All the shit life as tornado’d to me …even when I wasn’t for me, wasn’t okay.. hurt so bad and I still love so hard. I’m still here being better everyday, no destination just to be better than I was yesterday and further more. Everything, all women have faced or will for many, many years before and after, 2018 – WE’RE STILL HERE. It was never a mans world. Don’t doubt your ability, your power. Look back on your battles. See and observe your strength, your mind, your body. — Grow.

Personally, if you aren’t here to grow for yourself, grow with others, generate genuine power, love, and kindness then you’re wasting your time.

I thank all the women in my life who inspired me, raised me, and shaped me.

I praise a lot of the women I know, who share the same beliefs for us women. We create our own empire, I see you all.

I’m ready to and I will raise a future for all my girls becoming women.





Love Yourself First

I struggled with self love for as long as I can remember, within my own demons, insecurities, and being mistreated constantly by others. Near the end of high school and to this day, I would believe is to be my biggest breakthrough with self love. I realized the only thing that matters is me, and that life is taking me wherever I need to be. Although I had struggled with self love, I always had confidence in me, I never let anything stop me from doing what I needed to or to voice what’s on my mind. My confidence has grown stronger and it opened up a lot of opportunities for me. For anyone who knows me, I LOVE myself. Working on myself has not only taught me to never settle less for what I want or deserve, and to be at peace with myself, but it taught me to fall in love with life, and showed me how to love others better. Of course I still have bad days.. but at the end of it all, tomorrow is a new day, and all you have is you, so be better for it. xx

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