Understanding Astrology

Everyone is now a Witch and into Astrology.

It is very complex. It makes sense when used correctly. If you don’t get it, or consider it to be only a horoscope that states and dictates your daily or love life, nothing more.. You’re looking into it and using it wrong.

— I am no psychic expert, so, bear with me as I put down the basics of Astrology using what I know and researched.

What is Astrology in the Oxford Dictionary of English, Astrology is the study of movements and relative positions of the celestial bodies which interpret the influences on human affairs and the natural world.

There is so much more to Astrology than a general horoscope and the characteristics of your personality and zodiac sign. I’ve been into it for about 9 years now, still learning and researching. Astronomy plays a role and there are so many different aspects that are divided, but once you read and understand those, you’ll see how it all comes together as a dynamic. Even so, connects the dots primary for yourself, to guide your life. Astrology helps you connect and provides a better understanding of your deepest self and life within – It tells you where your spirit and energy lies, a sense of direction. Believe in the vibes you feel within and that surrounds you. When you were born the planets and the stars were all aligned in the sky the way it was meant to be for you. — Astrology has played a huge role in getting to know myself deep within, my surroundings and the guide of my spirit and energy.

There are 12 Signs in the Zodiac, 12 Houses in the Zodiac (which I will explain in a different post) which are ruled by each sign and a planet. Are you confused yet? It’s about to get messier.. down from your primary Zodiac sign, to the Gender, Element and Quality of your sign. To the Planets, Your Rising sign, to Your Moon and Sun sign. Each have their own understanding to, all different in a way but also the same once you connect them. I will tell you about my sign and give you a break down behind the headings I’ve listed above in order for you to understand.

— You choose and dictate your life.. Astrology helps pave and understand that for you.

I am a Cancer – Sign of the Crab

Gender: Negative

Element: Water

Quality: Cardinal

Ruling Planet: Moon

Temperament: Introvert

Rising Sign: Sagittarius

Sun: Cancer

Moon: Cancer


GENDER, ELEMENT, QUALITY 3 categories that fall in the zodiac. This will help you understand the characteristics of the sign in the zodiac. None are less or greater than.

GENDER – which are referred as Masculine, Feminine, Positive, Negative, Yin, and Yang these terms describes the energy of the signs. Positive signs tend to be extroverts while Negative Signs are to be introverts.

ELEMENT – Just like Avatar: The Last Air Bender, each sign has a natural element. Water. Earth. Air. Fire. Water signs are capable of great compassion and sensitivity. Earth signs are a group of practical people, like the Earth itself, they are solid and dependable. Air signs have great intellect and are great communicators. Born under this sign you are likely to be very intuitive and inquisitive. Fire signs, it says it all. They’re full of fire, they want to be in control, tend to be overly impulsive.

QUALITY – These 3 qualities are divided into Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable. They play a balancing role in the universe. Cardinal signs start every season. They are leaders of the zodiac, pride on individuality and originality. Fixed signs fall in the middle of the season, they are trustworthy, more stable as they set a solid foundation. Mutable signs end every season. They are more wise, and can adapt themselves into any situation

PLANETS – Each zodiac signs are associated with and are ruled by a planet but you will hear about how you have different signs within these planets. It’s because the planet was in that sign at the time you were born, each affect different aspects. Planets affect you, every planet orbits the Sun at a different speed. There are inner planets that dictate your day by day life as they move quickly within the Zodiac, as for the Outer planets shape larger aspects in your life even so your generation as they move slower. Reading your birth chart is also pretty challenging, in doing so by providing, your birth date, where, and the exact time you were born. It will show you the exact degree in which all the planets were aligned in whichever sign you were born in. I Will talk more about the forces and the energy we feel when Planets are in a sign, or orbiting\retrograding in a later post.


Sun life force, basic personality every month
Moon intuition, moods & emotions every 2-3 days
Mercury mental energy & communication every 3-4 weeks
Venus love & attraction every 4-5 weeks
Mars drive & physical energy every 6-7 weeks
Jupiter luck, growth & wisdom every 12-13 months
Saturn discipline, restrictions & challenges every 2-3 years
Uranus change & individualism every 7 years
Neptune dreams, spirituality & healing every 10-12 years
Pluto power & transformation every 12-15 years (can vary)

RISING SIGN aka ASCENDANT – This is determined by the exact hour you were born. The ascendant is at the exact degree of the sign in which it is rising. I will do a later post on how to read your charts in order for you to refer back to this heading. Rising signs is what you show to the world, your outward self, as for your sun sign is who you are deep within and don’t put out there into the world, let alone we haven’t discovered it for ourselves yet..

MOON & SUN SIGN – Just like the Moon, the Sun signs is also the most accurate and have a greater influence on your life. As the Sun represents self, your meaning and being in the universe within your ego, higher self and soul purpose. Moon signs represents what is deep within, your inner needs and feelings, behaviors, and emotional responses. The Moon reveals what’s hidden.