Where soul meets body




Here is my progress. I’m no fitness guru, but I fcuking look good.  It’s crazy to think how much you can build yourself up to be. I’ve always been an athletic person growing up. I’ve participated in Cross Country, Track and Field, Volleyball, Soccer, Basketball, Softball, Baseball, Football, Kick boxing, Boxing, and Swimming. I’ve done cross fit, and I’ve weight trained. LMFAO let’s not forget I did a little cheerleading in elementary also. I’ve trained my ass off, put my body through hell, done insane diets and fell back into the same hole of thinking I needed to maintain a certain imagine, In which it is some what true. But what’s important is maintaining a healthy lifestyle that makes you feel good. I’ve struggled with my weight for the longest time, Feeling like I needed to amount to others perspectives instead of my own is exhausting. Of course I wanted to look good but I wanted to feel good too. It isn’t about the quick fix.. and sorry to break it to you, you’re not going to get it that easily, and everyone is different, everybody bodies are different and react differently. I’ve been restlessly active since I was 10 maybe younger I’m not exactly sure. It’s the consistency. I’ve lost myself one way or another over the years due to how much I took on mentally and the physical injuries I’ve endured. But regardless of how much you fall you’re bound to bounce back. I’m still not where I want to be, but I’m glad I’m not where I used to. I work out on the regular, I’m always on the go with school and work. I’ve learned what works for me and my body. Listen to your body it will then meet your soul.