Understanding Astrology

Everyone is now a Witch and into Astrology.

It is very complex. It makes sense when used correctly. If you don’t get it, or consider it to be only a horoscope that states and dictates your daily or love life, nothing more.. You’re looking into it and using it wrong.

— I am no psychic expert, so, bear with me as I put down the basics of Astrology using what I know and researched.

What is Astrology in the Oxford Dictionary of English, Astrology is the study of movements and relative positions of the celestial bodies which interpret the influences on human affairs and the natural world.

There is so much more to Astrology than a general horoscope and the characteristics of your personality and zodiac sign. I’ve been into it for about 9 years now, still learning and researching. Astronomy plays a role and there are so many different aspects that are divided, but once you read and understand those, you’ll see how it all comes together as a dynamic. Even so, connects the dots primary for yourself, to guide your life. Astrology helps you connect and provides a better understanding of your deepest self and life within – It tells you where your spirit and energy lies, a sense of direction. Believe in the vibes you feel within and that surrounds you. When you were born the planets and the stars were all aligned in the sky the way it was meant to be for you. — Astrology has played a huge role in getting to know myself deep within, my surroundings and the guide of my spirit and energy.

There are 12 Signs in the Zodiac, 12 Houses in the Zodiac (which I will explain in a different post) which are ruled by each sign and a planet. Are you confused yet? It’s about to get messier.. down from your primary Zodiac sign, to the Gender, Element and Quality of your sign. To the Planets, Your Rising sign, to Your Moon and Sun sign. Each have their own understanding to, all different in a way but also the same once you connect them. I will tell you about my sign and give you a break down behind the headings I’ve listed above in order for you to understand.

— You choose and dictate your life.. Astrology helps pave and understand that for you.

I am a Cancer – Sign of the Crab

Gender: Negative

Element: Water

Quality: Cardinal

Ruling Planet: Moon

Temperament: Introvert

Rising Sign: Sagittarius

Sun: Cancer

Moon: Cancer


GENDER, ELEMENT, QUALITY 3 categories that fall in the zodiac. This will help you understand the characteristics of the sign in the zodiac. None are less or greater than.

GENDER – which are referred as Masculine, Feminine, Positive, Negative, Yin, and Yang these terms describes the energy of the signs. Positive signs tend to be extroverts while Negative Signs are to be introverts.

ELEMENT – Just like Avatar: The Last Air Bender, each sign has a natural element. Water. Earth. Air. Fire. Water signs are capable of great compassion and sensitivity. Earth signs are a group of practical people, like the Earth itself, they are solid and dependable. Air signs have great intellect and are great communicators. Born under this sign you are likely to be very intuitive and inquisitive. Fire signs, it says it all. They’re full of fire, they want to be in control, tend to be overly impulsive.

QUALITY – These 3 qualities are divided into Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable. They play a balancing role in the universe. Cardinal signs start every season. They are leaders of the zodiac, pride on individuality and originality. Fixed signs fall in the middle of the season, they are trustworthy, more stable as they set a solid foundation. Mutable signs end every season. They are more wise, and can adapt themselves into any situation

PLANETS – Each zodiac signs are associated with and are ruled by a planet but you will hear about how you have different signs within these planets. It’s because the planet was in that sign at the time you were born, each affect different aspects. Planets affect you, every planet orbits the Sun at a different speed. There are inner planets that dictate your day by day life as they move quickly within the Zodiac, as for the Outer planets shape larger aspects in your life even so your generation as they move slower. Reading your birth chart is also pretty challenging, in doing so by providing, your birth date, where, and the exact time you were born. It will show you the exact degree in which all the planets were aligned in whichever sign you were born in. I Will talk more about the forces and the energy we feel when Planets are in a sign, or orbiting\retrograding in a later post.


Sun life force, basic personality every month
Moon intuition, moods & emotions every 2-3 days
Mercury mental energy & communication every 3-4 weeks
Venus love & attraction every 4-5 weeks
Mars drive & physical energy every 6-7 weeks
Jupiter luck, growth & wisdom every 12-13 months
Saturn discipline, restrictions & challenges every 2-3 years
Uranus change & individualism every 7 years
Neptune dreams, spirituality & healing every 10-12 years
Pluto power & transformation every 12-15 years (can vary)

RISING SIGN aka ASCENDANT – This is determined by the exact hour you were born. The ascendant is at the exact degree of the sign in which it is rising. I will do a later post on how to read your charts in order for you to refer back to this heading. Rising signs is what you show to the world, your outward self, as for your sun sign is who you are deep within and don’t put out there into the world, let alone we haven’t discovered it for ourselves yet..

MOON & SUN SIGN – Just like the Moon, the Sun signs is also the most accurate and have a greater influence on your life. As the Sun represents self, your meaning and being in the universe within your ego, higher self and soul purpose. Moon signs represents what is deep within, your inner needs and feelings, behaviors, and emotional responses. The Moon reveals what’s hidden.








Super Blue Blood Moon

Alright, it’s been a while since I’ve gotten to write. I started getting into and writing poetry, but I’ve been trying to figure out new things to research and write about….



Tomorrow on January 31st, If You haven’t already seen how big, bright, and beautiful the moon looks tonight – as the moon is in Cancer  *SHOUT OUT TO ALL MY MOON CHILDREN*, we are expecting a Super Blue Blood Moon.

North America hasn’t seen a Super Blue Blood Moon since 1866. It is set to occur Early Wednesday morning, around 5:30 AM, try to look on the West side, to get a great visual. With the Blue Moon, Total Lunar Eclipse, and Super Moon all collided in one special, and rare lunar event that hasn’t been seen for about 150 years, It is also the Second full moon of the month.

You can watch the Moon Live on NASA @ 5:30am EST

  • As the Moon is in Cancer today, It is said that we may have a hard time getting out of our comfort zones. Pay attention to what you’re feeling and your emotions, as we will be more sensitive than usual. HA, f*ck. We are water signs, and we’re emotional as f*ck

Tomorrow as this Amazing Lunar event is set to occur, the moon will be in Leo. Leo is a Fire sign, When the moon is in a fire sign like Leo, Leo Moons are full of action. Not being able to contain your vibrant, sparkle nature. You may feel the urge to go and make things happen.

Super-Blue-Blood-Moon-2018-1213280Getty Images

Wolf Year


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY MAMA. You ain’t raised no bitch, I LOVE YOU W ALL MY HEART. The Moon and Sun in me shines because of you.


Happy New Year everyone! – If deemed necessary use the new year to dish out the past year and make a better 2018 for urself.

My sister asked me if I had any new year resolutions and I don’t have any cause I’m constantly striving to better myself. –  I say this because a better you, a better year for urself can start at any moment. Not only on a specific day.

Let’s celebrate that we did make it to another year, our beautiful planet has made it – it’s officially 2018.
I don’t know what this year has in stored…


I do know what the stars and the night sky will look and have in stored for us TONIGHT. Supermoon is again to occur on January 1st. The Moon has made some remarkable and memorable moments this past year, as the Moon is in Gemini, tonight it will be the biggest and brightest Moon of 2018. They’re calling it the Wolf Moon – AND, Here we are starting off the new year when the full moon is at or near its closest point on the orbit around Earth, making it a fuller and brighter moon . Here on the NASA site you can check out what the moon will look like on January 1st, 2018. through hourly intervals. You can also browse around the site and see top moments of the Earths Moon from this year.

This also calls for MORE AND MORE content on my blog! please feel free to tell me what you’d like to see or hear. Reach out to talk about things you want to bring awareness to, ur interests, or ur own projects. All I’ve been writing and researching about are fighting (UFC celebrates 25 years!!!) and astronomy –  So, if y’all are tired of seeing that, share ur topics with me.. I would love to learn, research, and write about new things.

Again, Happy New Year everyone!  I wish and send nothing but love and good vibes. Be kind to others, the planet, and to yourself. xx

Every year is my f*cking year” – Conor Mcgregor

Here’s to 2018.


Cosmic Skies

As I’ve said in my previous’ posts, something is aligning in the stars.

Between October 20th – 22th the sky set to peak has Orionids Meteor Shower began. On November and December 3rd, 2017, The Super Moon occurred.

Tonight and just before dawn tomorrow, The Geminid Meteor shower is set to peak just around 9 pm tonight, it is best to view just after midnight. The Geminid is a meteor shower that is approx. 200 years old. It’s been known as the annual December light show since 1892. They occur when the Earth passes through a stream of dust and debris in space left behind by a comet or asteroid. For more info and visualization on the Geminid Meteor Shower you can view the video on SPACE.com

It was -15ºc this morning when I was heading to work, So, I can’t imagine how cold it will be tonight until dawn tomorrow. So if you are planning to watch the meteor shower be sure to bundle up, dress warm, and grab yourself and sip on some tee! If you don’t even wanna bother going out to watch you can view it live here provided by of NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center around 6 p.m. EST

Geminids-in-2017-at-9pm-1880x1058.jpgCourtesy Sky & Telescope/Gregg Dindermann

The meteors will radiate from the constellation Gemini, which is between the Taurus and Cancer constellation. Gemini is easy to spot and in order to find Gemini, look for the bright constellation Orion as Gemini is just over Orions right side.

You guys wouldn’t wanna miss this!




Howell, Elizabeth. “ Spectacular Geminid Meteor Shower Peaks Tonight! How to Watch Online”. Space.com. December 13th 2017. https://www.space.com/39077-geminid-meteor-shower-2017-webcasts.html.


Cold Moon

Today is the last day of November and December 1st is tomorrow. The Super Moon is set to peak on Sunday, December 3rd. If u haven’t noticed the moon already looking larger and brighter. During the colder seasons the moon is referred to as the “Cold Moon“. Prepare for the cold Winter break and holidays as they’re also amongst us.

Today’s Moon:
The moon is to rise at 3:11 pm and set at 3:30 am.
It is a Waxing Gibbous – Any moon that appears to be more lighted but less than full.
Moon is in Aries today, as for yesterday also.

Aries Moon Qualities:

  • Impetuous
  • Pioneering
  • Youthful
  • Self focused
  • Risk taking
  • Hot tempered
  • Reckless
  • Playful
  • Active
  • Impatient
  • Determined

Each month When the moon is in Aries it spends 2 and a half days in the sign. You should feel more upbeat and energetic, with the ability to get a lot of things done. The key accomplishment to getting things done during or under the Aries moon is to pace yourself.


To Infinity and Beyond

Something beautiful is aligning in the stars, and it is also Scorpio SZN! 

Between October 20th – 22th the sky set to peak has Orionids Meteor Shower began. I don’t know for sure whether or not I had witnessed it, but I got home after a late night and just sat outside looking up with bright shining stars scattered literally…. every where, and let my tell you it was a way different night sky than usual.

November 3rd, 2017, The Super Moon occurred.  It happens when the full moon of any month orbits closest to Earth which is called “Perigee“. So if you find yourself thinking the full moon appears a bit bigger and brighter, that is why.

The Super Moon last year On November 14th, 2016, was the closest to earth since January 1948. The next Super Moon is set to fall on December 3rd, 2017. Which will appear to be up to 14% bigger and 30% brighter than normal.

It is said in this article by website, Time and Date. The next time we will see a Super Moon closer than last year’s Super Moon is November 25, 2034. (17 more years to go!)

I am very keen into Astronomy, and a huge Astrologer. But whether you believe in astrology and in the stars or not, you cannot deny the beautiful science the universe has to show/offer to us. If you’re interested, mark the next Super Moon in your calendar, and click here to find out what scorpio season means for your sign. (I found this strangely accurate for mine. lol)