Why I started a blog

First off, I would like to thank everyone for checking out my blog!

Thank you to those for your love, support, and kind words. I appreciate all of the love and great feedback I’m already getting in the beginning of it all!

I, of course, stated why I created this blog in my About me section. But I wanted to go more in depth with it to show you all my main reason’s and focus for my blog.

I’m a person who feels so deeply. I started writing to enhance my writing skills, but mainly to open up to myself about things I was afraid to open up to others and just let some steam off. I started to gain a passion for writing seeing how my thoughts, and experiences has helped others around me. I wanted to start one for the longest time, but of course had my doubts about it. Thanks to a really good friend of mine, I just went out and did it.

My writings involves pieces of my own knowledge, thoughts, opinions, experiences, and insights of the world. I believe we all at one point face the same feelings in all of our everyday challenge with life. I created this not only for me, but for others. To get in touch with them, touch base on REAL issues that we have going on in this world or any issues we all face personally. I did this in hopes that we can empower each other and be better for the world and ourselves.

Feel free to stick around and check up on my blog. I will notify whenever there is a new upcoming post! Leave me a message, ask for advice, questions, or chat with me!

I look forward to going on this venture with you guys! Thank you again for your love and support.

– Tina. xx

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